Peak Military Care Net

Peak Military Care Network

  • What do we do?

    We connect need to resource for military members, veterans and their families across a spectrum of critical issues.

  • How does it work?

    We facilitate unprecedented collaboration and coordination among service providers throughout the Pikes Peak region.

  • Why do we do it?

    Because those who have served our nation deserve the highest standard of care and support available.

  • PMCN connects the needs of our community’s military service members, veterans and their families to the highest quality resources by providing a central source for information, navigation and integrated services. PMCN partner agencies are committed to understanding military and veteran culture and the unique needs of service members, veterans and their families; these agencies are also committed to working together to meet all the needs of individuals and families to provide holistic support for our military and veteran community.

    PMCN and our partner agencies offer a broad range of information and assistance to support the whole individual and family, including advocacy, behavioral health, child welfare & family supports, crisis intervention, education, employment & workforce readiness, medical & physical health, social services, and transition & reintegration. PMCN also provides training to partner agencies to ensure community-based agencies understand the needs of our military and veteran community and are aware of available resources (including military and VA services) to meet their needs. PMCN is committed to collaboration and coordination to meet the needs of service members, veterans and their families.

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Do you have questions about employment, education, social services, physical and mental health, and other topics? Visit our comprehensive resource and referral directory, library and assistive devices marketplace and the answers are a mouse-click away.

Peak Military Care Network

Message from the Chair

“The Board sees addressing the needs of our military, veteran and first-responder community as a critical focus moving forward. By changing our name to the Peak Military Care Network, we will be able to concentrate our identity and efforts on the collaborative and coordinating work of PMCN in order to serve our homeland defenders and their families.”

Lt Gen (Ret) Edward Anderson, Chair, PMCN Board of Directors


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Veterans Say Website is Valuable Tool

Veteran Eduardo Baller

Veteran Eduardo Baller searches for resources.

Eduardo Baller, among the veterans attending a recent demonstration of the Network of Care website at Pikes Peak Community College, said that the website will help him navigate the information and resources he is seeking on such issues as education and employment. Mr. Baller was also featured in a KOAA story on the launch of the Peak Military Care Network.

Finding help for all of Eduardo’s needs was a daunting prospect for Eduardo, but the Peak Military Care Network and its partner agencies provide the broad range of services to assist him and his growing family.  With community resources now accessible, Eduardo has a job and is attending classes at Pikes Peak Community College.  And he has big plans for the future. “This is just one chapter in my life; it’s not my book, just one chapter. I have hundreds of more pages to write.”